Analytics and Branding

Brand analytics is used to know how well your brand is doing and if you are on the right way of achieving success. Creating a strategy built on a clear understanding of the company’s objectives, customer’s behavior, brand awareness, and past business performance results in building a successful road map towards your business goals and being ready to next level. A whole new Digital metrics technology is used to find out growth your business has done over a period of time. Accordingly you can optimize campaigns, find out what market trends are and what your competitors are up to.

Website Audit

The website audit report is a full analysis of everything related to your website. This report gives you a complete and detailed analysis of how your website is performing, what errors are occurring, why it is not generating the traffic you think it should, or why your sales and conversions not increasing. We provide complete website audit reports to give you feedback on everything from your technical issues to your content problems

Digital Metrics

Most of the online experiences begin with a search engine, but 41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page. Pay per click is a great way to drive more (organic) visitors to your website and get more leads and sales—FAST! While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great approach for long-term growth, sometimes you really need an immediate boost. VR Digital Experts offer PPC campaign management, ensuring that the money you spend is put to work for your business.

What are Marketing Metrics

Other Metrics or KPIs used to analyze Digital Performance on Social Media are –

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Cost per Mille (CPM)
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Sentiment Ratio
  • Share of Voice
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Return on Investment (ROI) 

PR Management

Our public relations service help companies, brands, and events create bespoke public relations, marketing communications, digital and social media campaigns. Through the power of our PR Services, we build your brand and amplify your reputation for brand recognition to attract new sales. Each brand or business has its unique needs. Our services are custom-tailored to solve your specific problems. VR Digital Experts is here to provide you PR expertise to offer the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A complete website audit discovers variations that may result in Google penalties. Penalties affect ranking on Google’s search engine rankings page (SERP).  Website audits are an essential tool to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website. Audit reports improve Google search ranking while increasing site traffic and performance. A website audit presents a business with an exceptional opportunity for online growth.

Public relations is about sharing the right information to the right places and people, to build the brand reputation. VR Digital Experts work with organizations and help you to build your image in a certain industry. Through effective marketing strategies, we promote our client’s agenda. Public relations is an area that can change the future of your business. When used appropriately, PR can make a company – giving it the power to overcome almost any obstacle. PR is vital for any brand, and numerous reasons.

Digital metrics, often referred to as key performance indicators (KPIs), are values commonly used by us to measure and track the performance of your campaigns. These quantifiable values help to set expectations and to see if our efforts are having a positive impact. With the number of tools, channels, and techniques we use to promote your brand, products, and services, identifying which metrics to keep an eye on is essential to determining targets and goals.

A payment gateway is the simplest way for a business to collect digital or online payments from their website or app. A payment gateway focuses on creating a secure pathway between a customer and the merchant to facilitate payments securely. It involves the authentication of both parties from the banks involved.

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