How Digital Ads can Transform your Business?

Nowadays everyone wants their businesses to reach a higher level. They want to turn their business into a brand but don’t want to invest much in marketing because it takes a huge amount to advertise their business through traditional marketing, which is why people choose Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing because it is more convenient and it, fits in one’s budget as well. Out of many ways, Ads play a very important role in Digital Marketing. Through Ads on social media platforms and SEO Services, companies can target a particular set of audiences who are more likely to interest in their content and will engage with their products and services, which leads to a higher sale of the company. Online advertising is very powerful because of its targeting capabilities. You can target people based on where they live, what they do, what is their income and age, what they are interested in. Paid ads campaigns provide great results; you can maximize your results with the help of social media marketing. Ads help to drive traffic to your websites, create brand awareness, and generate leads for your business if done correctly. Ads have proven to work for both B2B and B2C companies, leading to tremendous success in their marketing result after advertising on social media.

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1.FACEBOOK: – Facebook provides significant advertising options for brands and businesses to target audience. Facebook has three stages to run ads that are Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion, each stage offer different ad types to reach the desired goal.

AWARENESS: – To create brand awareness and to increase reach

CONSIDERATION: – to create the website traffic, engagements, app installs, video views, leads generation and messages 

CONVERSION: – to create a conversion, sales, and store traffic.

2. TWITTER: – twitter advertising is quite straightforward. On Twitter, brands can use trending hashtags to create brand awareness. This helps large B2C companies and newly launched brands as awareness tactic.


Twitter has following types of ad options:

Tweet engagements

Promoted Videos

Brand Awareness

Website clicks or conversions

Instream video views

Gain Followers

App Installs

Twitter trendlist

3. INSTAGRAM: – Instagram ad options are similar to Facebook and a good thing is that you can manage Ads on both platforms through the same ad manager. On Instagram, you are able to target people based on their likes, location, demographics, interest, and Income. Instagram allows a person to create custom audiences which help in developing the ideal targets.

  • Instagram has the following Ad types

Awareness: – reach, brand awareness, product awareness

Consideration: – website traffic, reach, video views, frequency

Conversion: – higher sales, website conversions, app install, app engagements

  • There are 5 Ad formats which are currently available on Instagram  


Video Ads

Carousel Ads

Collection Ads

Story Ads

Photo Ads

4. LINKEDIN: – LinkedIn is a professional platform and which brings opportunities for brands and businesses to promote themselves. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn targeting options are quite different. It generally revolves around professional criteria like education, Organisation sector, Job title, etc.

  • There are 3 types of Promotions you can create on LinkedIn:

Sponsored Ads:-  LinkedIn sponsored  ads are similar to Facebook ad types which allow awareness, consideration and conversion stages of  the ad journey

Inmail: – This feature of LinkedIn is only available for the premium users of LinkedIn. In this feature, people are allowed to send an individual email to users who are not on their network list. Premium users can send 1 to 30 inmails in a month.

Sponsored Inmail: – Sponsored inmail is the best combination of email marketing and LinkedIn’s targeting power. Sponsored inmails goes directly to inboxes of LinkedIn active users. This feature of LinkedIn helps to drive conversion.

5.GOOGLE ADS:-Google allows paid advertisement which shows on which shows in search results on Google with the use of Google Adwords. Google ads have proven to work best for your brand. You can drive massive organic traffic to your website through Google ads. Google ads are all about choosing the right keywords for your ads. You have to choose the right keywords which are relevant to your product and kind of words people are more likely to search.

  • You can create following types of Ad on Google Adwords


Leads Generation

Website Traffic

Product and Brand Consideration

Brand Awareness and Reach

App Promotion.

6. SNAPCHAT: – Snapchat is a trending application in millennial’s nowadays; therefore content there is quite casual and fun.

  • Snapchat allows 6 types of Ads that work for a Business

Snap ads

Collection Ads

Story Ads

AR Lens

Filter Ads

Commercials Ads




1.AD CREATIVE: – Ad creative is an object that contains all the data visually rendering the ad itself, you have to be creative while making an ad. The ad image and text that share your message with your ideal audience must be creative and eye-catching.

 2. TARGETING: – You have to select the audience you want to target specifically. You should know the buyer’s persona to target a particular set of audience. Be it their interests, their location, income, or age.

 3. PLACEMENT: – Choosing the right social media platform is very important while running an ad campaign. You have to choose where you want to place your ad according to your client’s budget and demand.

4. BID: – Bid is an amount you’re willing to pay for each click or advertisement so the customers will see your Ad and will take the desired action. A bid is like an auction.

 5. BUDGET: – Budget plays an important role while running an ad campaign. You have to decide how much amount you want to spend on your  advertisement. The more budget you put in your ad the more results you get.

 6.KEYWORDS: – For making an ad successful choosing the Right and Trending Keywords is very important. The right keywords can help people realize about your services and what exactly your website contains. The right and trending keywords help you to find the right audience you want to target for your ad.

 7. SCHEDULE: – Timing is everything. You have to make sure your ads are showing when your audience is most active and online. You have to decide how much time you want to run your ad on social media. Scheduling your ad correctly is very important. Ads scheduling allow you to identify specific hours or days you want Adwords to show/run your ads.


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